A chakra opening meditation

I find meditating to be quite tricky – it’s difficult to still the mind. I have found that visualisation works really well for me so I have included a meditation here that I hope you find works for you. This meditation is quick and it helps to open your chakras – enjoy :)

Close your eyes and take a few deep breaths in and out – feel your lungs completely fill with oxygen and breathe out the carbon monoxide. Imagine that you are standing by a large hole in the ground. It shimmers with light and is inviting. Take a step into that hole and feel stone steps beneath your feet. You can see that shimmering light in the distance and you start to follow it, moving down the steps. Smell the cleanliness of the earth and know that at all times you are protected by Archangel Michael.

As you get closer to the light you notice that it gets bigger and bigger and the steps eventually level out so that you are now walking along a flat, smooth surface. As you approach the light you see that it is light from outside. Step towards that light and out into the sunshine. You look around you and see a beautiful green field. It has flowers of different colours scattered around and the grass is soft and spongy beneath your feet. In the middle of the field there is a small hill and on top of this hill sits a huge oak tree with its branches reaching up towards the sky.

Make your way across the field towards the hill. Notice the sun on your skin and the smells of the flowers. Climb up the hill and sit beneath the oak tree. Feel the softness of the grass beneath you and feel the strength of the tree trunk supporting your back. You can still feel the warmth of the sun filtering through the leaves of the oak tree. Take a deep breath in and on the exhale feel roots grow from your legs and the base of your spine. These roots are thick, thin, long and short. Feel them move through the earth and start to intertwine with the roots from the oak tree. You feel the nourishment from the earth and the support from the tree.

At the centre of the earth you come across a huge, brilliant, shining pink rose quartz crystal. It is lightly pulsing with energy. You see your roots and those of the tree wrap around the crystal and with every breath in you see the loving, healing energy from the crystal move up your roots and into your feet. As you pull this energy up your legs you feel the tingling sensation it leaves in its trail. When it reaches your ROOT / BASE chakra you see a deep red flower opening up and filling the base of your spine and pelvis area. Say to yourself I AM.

Draw the energy from the rose quartz crystal up into your SACRAL chakra. See a bright orange flower opening its petals and filling the area at your naval. Say to yourself I FEEL.

Feel the crystal energy move into your SOLAR PLEXUS chakra. This is the area just above your naval and below your diaphragm. Imagine a beautiful, bright yellow flower opening its petals and filling that entire area. Say to yourself, I OWN MY OWN POWER.

Now move the energy up into your HEART chakra. Imagine a combination of a green and soft pink flower gently opening its petals and filling your chest cavity. Imagine your heart is filled with love. Say to yourself, I AM LOVE.

Feel the crystal energy moving up from your heart chakra to your THROAT chakra. See a bold blue flower opening its petals and filling your throat. Say to yourself, I SPEAK.

Now move that healing, crystal energy up into your THIRD EYE chakra. Imagine an indigo coloured flower that has shimmering petals opening and covering your brow and forehead. Say to yourself, I SEE AND I UNDERSTAND.

Finally draw up the crystal energy into your CROWN chakra. See an enormous bright white flower above your head. Imagine that it has tiny stars of silver energy shooting from its centre and drifting around you. Say to yourself I AM CONNECTED TO SOURCE WHO LOVES ME.

See yourself sitting beneath the great oak tree. You see all of your chakras in their brilliant colours – they are open and spinning and are all in perfect harmony with one another. See the sun that is filtering through the leaves of the tree as a channel and direct link with Source. See your roots connecting you to mother earth. You are now completely connected with above and below and you interchange energy with Source and the earth. Your angels, guides and ascended masters are with you and looking after you. Enjoy this moment. Feel yourself relax. Feel yourself be at peace with who you are.

Now take a deep breath in and gently start to draw the energy back towards yourself and down through your body into the earth. See your chakra flowers start to close and feel yourself grounded to the earth. Feel the strength and support of the oak tree behind you and feel the grass beneath you. Give thanks to the angels, guides and ascended masters, take a deep breathe in and see yourself stand up. Walk back down the hill and across the field. Take a moment to enjoy the fresh, clean air, the scent of the flowers and the sunshine. Move back to the hole you entered from and climb through it.

You can smell the earthiness and as you move along the tunnel you feel at peace and you feel safe. Climb the steps towards the light and once you have reached the top of the steps, take a deep breathe in and out. In your own time, become aware of your surroundings and open your eyes.


About The Sacred Tree Sanctuary

I provide energy healing therapy to people and animals. Every living being has energy running through them - this is what makes us get up and go! Sometimes this energy (or life force) gets blocked due to stress, illness or injury. The therapy I offer helps to unblock the energy and get it flowing properly again which helps to reduce sleeplessness, stress and aches and pains.
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